How do I purchase a DLS Permit?

    Permits can be purchased in person or via email.

    Email: Please find an electronic application form linked here and email to link). Parking staff will contact you to provide payment and will mail your permit(s).

    In person: Bring a copy of your current business license to Park City Public Works (1053 Iron Horse Drive), and a copy of your insurance certificate(s) that includes vehicle VIN number(s). Pay the per vehicle fee ($200 annually). You will receive a DLS permit for your vehicle(s) to utilize the Main Street drop and load zones. 

    A For-Hire/Ground Transportation or equivalent license is required to purchase a permit. The following will suffice:

    1. Park City Municipal For-Hire Ground Transportation License

    2. A ground transportation license from another jurisdiction that has similar requirements

    3. A contract with a TNC company

    4. A hotel or similar organization with an existing business license

    How much does a DLS Permit cost?

    The permit is $200 per vehicle annually. If the program is extended beyond winter, the permit is valid and remains valid through next fall's renewal timeframe.

    I don’t want to purchase a permit, where can I drop and load passengers?

    The free staging areas on Swede Alley, Brew Pub and 9th Street can be utilized for pick up and drop off without needing a permit.

    If there are available parking spaces outside these zones, can I pull in there?

    Yes, the current parking enforcement best practice is a short drop and load allowance. Anyone in a paid parking spot for more than a few minutes can expect a parking ticket.

    How will this be enforced?

    The Park City Police Department and Parking Department will increase enforcement on Main Street. If commercial vehicles are double parked in the street to drop off or pick up passengers, they can receive a moving violation. If vehicles are using the DLS zones without a permit, the Parking Department can issue a parking ticket (per the revised City Code in Title 9).

    How is this related to the previous For Hire Ground Transportation Business License?

    The previous For-Hire Business License and associated sticker required to operate in Park City has been eliminated. However, to obtain a DLS permit, you must show proof of some type of For-Hire/Ground Transportation business license from Park City; an equivalent license from another Utah city or county, or a TNC contract.