Why is Park City Transit considering these changes?

    We are proposing these changes, representing a 35% reduction in overall transit service, in response to declining revenue sources and ridership as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

    What changes to transit service should I expect?

    Reduced service hours and frequency on most routes, including service only during certain times of day on some routes. Some routes and services will be suspended. See map in the documents section for a visual overview of changes or view the table for a route-by-route overview of changes. 

    How can I share my input?


    We are seeking public comment regarding the proposed changes. Please use the survey at the bottom of the project page to share your input no later than September 4, 2020.  We will not individually respond to each survey response. However, all feedback will be considered before finalizing the 2020/21 Winter Transit Service Plan.

    Joint Transit Advisory Board (JTAB) Meeting:

    The proposed changes will be discussed in the upcoming Joint Transit Advisory Board (JTAB) meeting on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, at 9:00 am. This meeting will be held virtually via Zoom but attendees can still provide brief comments at the start of the meeting with microphone access on the attendee's personal computer or phone. For more details attending this virtual meeting, go to https://www.parkcity.org/departments/transit-bus/jtab.