What does Ordinance No. 2021-05 require?

    The Land Management Code now establishes a maximum of 2,500 lumens (no more than 100,000 lumens per acre) for newly constructed multi-unit dwellings and commercial outdoor fixtures.

    (2) Outdoor lighting for new construction must not exceed 3,000 degrees Kelvin. Existing properties must replace light bulbs with bulbs that are 3,000 degrees Kelvin by December 31, 2024. 

    (3) Outdoor lighting fixtures for new construction must be fully shielded. 

    For more information, please visit Land Management Code Section 15-5-5(J)

    What are the new seasonal light regulations?

    Low-lumen seasonal lights that do not cause light trespass or interfere with the reasonable use and enjoyment of property are permitted from November 1 - March 1. 

    Residential seasonal lights must be turned off by 11:00 PM and must comply with zone-required setbacks.

    Commercial seasonal lights must be turned off by midnight. 

    Low-lumen seasonal lights outlining buildings on Main Street, Swede Alley, and the General Commercial Zoning District are allowed year-round and must be turned off by 2:30 AM. 

    What about outdoor lighting for designated historic structures?

    Outdoor lighting fixtures for structures and sites designated historic on the Park City Historic Sites Inventory are exempt from the fully shielded requirement if the fixtures emits no more than 400 lumens.

    Can I have string lights?

    String lights are exempt from the fully shielded requirement and may be used year-round to illuminate decks, porches, and patios, but are prohibited from illuminating landscaping or outlining structures.

    What outdoor lighting is prohibited?

    Up-lighting, unshielded floodlights and spotlights, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, search lights, laser-source lights, flashing/blinking/intermittent lights, neon or luminous tube lights, and lights affixed to buildings to illuminate a parking area are prohibited. 

    How will the new lighting regulations be enforced?

    Dark skies don't happen overnight. While new construction is required to meet the updated standards, some existing lighting will require light bulb replacements that are 3,000 degrees Kelvin by December 31, 2024. 

    If you would like to voluntarily update existing outdoor lighting fixtures to be dark-sky compliant, please contact planning staff for more information. 

    What can I do to protect the night sky?

    Install outdoor bulbs with a maximum of 3,000 degrees Kelvin and 2,000 lumens per fixture.

    Use dimmers, timers, or motion sensors for outdoor lighting. 

    Select outdoor lighting fixtures that are fully shielded and direct light downward.

    Use outdoor lights only when and where they are needed.

    What are some benefits of protecting the night sky?

    Conserve energy

    Protect the ecosystem and wildlife

    Be a courteous neighbor

    Reduce light pollution

    See the stars

    Is Park City a Dark Sky Community?

    The International Dark-Sky Association certifies communities that show exceptional dedication to the preservation of the night sky through effective lighting regulations and community support and compliance.

    There are two Dark Sky Communities in Utah:

    Helper, Utah

    Torrey, Utah

    Utah also many Dark Sky Parks and a Dark Sky Sanctuary.

    The purpose of the updated outdoor lighting ordinance is not to become a Dark Sky Community. However, the code opens the door for Park City to pursue certification in the future. 

    Where can I find more information?

    Click here to view Land Management Code Section 15-5-5(J)

    Click here to view the International Dark-Sky Association examples of fully shielded fixtures

    Click here to view before and after photos of Dark Sky-compliant lighting retrofits