When does microtransit service in Park City begin?

    Microtransit service began Sunday, November 13, 2022.

    How do I request a ride?

    Microtransit service is being operated by High Valley Transit this winter. Rides can be requested by app or phone call.

    You must be located in an eligible Microtransit zone to request a ride.

    Download the 'High Valley Transit' app in your app store or call (435) 246-1538 to get started.

    Learn more here: https://highvalleytransit.org/micro/

    What is microtransit service?

    Microtransit is an on-demand transit service accessed through an app or by phone. It is designed to expand access from new areas to our existing fixed-route transit system. It is not designed to operate as a door-to-door service.

    If you are located within the microtransit service boundaries, you can request a ride within the service area, or to a bus stop with service to other areas throughout the Park City Transit or High Valley Transit systems.

    From there, the app analyzes the most efficient transit route based on multiple factors, including your pick-up and drop-off location, traffic conditions, and how many people have requested rides. Depending on your location, this might mean the fastest and most convenient option is hopping on a regular bus route instead of getting a Microtransit ride!

    After requesting a ride, the app will direct you to a convenient pick-up location. The app will automatically instruct the driver to drop you off at a point most efficient for the transit system. This often means you are dropped off at a bus stop with frequent transit service to your final destination.

    Why is Park City Transit launching a microtransit pilot program?

    Based on public input from the Short Range Transit Plan process, and to meet expected ridership demand, Park City Transit is implementing a microtransit pilot program this winter. The benefit of microtransit service is that it allows us to expand transit coverage in areas that do not have conditions favorable to providing traditional bus routes or are underserved by existing transit services.

    What areas are covered by the microtransit pilot program?

    View an interactive map here

    Who is operating the microtransit pilot program?

    High Valley Transit (HVT) is temporarily expanding Micro services to Park City for a pilot program this winter. To learn more about Micro, including how to book a ride, visit their website

    How will the microtransit pilot program's success be evaluated?

    Goals and metrics will be established for the microtransit pilot program. Examples include

    • Number of riders per day/week
    • Vehicle utilization - number of riders per driver hour
    • Amount of time before a rider is picked up
    • Rider service feedback and reviews
    • Comparison of costs and efficiency versus traditional, fixed-route bus service.